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The Easiest Ways to Make Your Public Wi-Fi Connection Safer

Posted by Ariana Ciancio on Jul 15, 2015 2:27:01 PM

If you think public Wi-Fi is 100% safe, your personal information is already at risk of being stolen. Whenever you connect to a public wireless router, you’re sharing the same network as others even if it is password protected. It’s relatively simple for someone to see what you’re doing and take your data if they’re connected to the network you’re on. Fortunately, you can take some steps to safeguard your personal information.

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Topics: Public Wi-Fi, security, Cisco, cybersecurity

Open SSL, Being Patched Again?!

Posted by Christian Crank on Jun 9, 2014 9:15:50 AM

So OpenSSL is being patched again, very shortly after the Heartbleed Bug was fixed. According to the OpenSSL Security Advisory, multiple security vulnerabilities affecting the security layer have been recently discovered. One of the security threats actually allowed an attacker to see and modify traffic between an OpenSSL server and the client. While this news might seem bad, finding these vulnerabilities indicate that OpenSSL is frequently monitored by security professionals, and the appropriate steps are being followed to patch these vulnerabilities. This in turn makes OpenSSL a more secure implementation of the protocols SSL/TLS (Secure Socket Layer/Transport Layer Security).

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Topics: cyber, hacking, hacking vulnerabilities, openssl, security, Cisco

Using OpenSSL? Heartbleed Bug may be affecting you now.

Posted by Christian Crank on Apr 9, 2014 10:45:08 AM

Security researchers have recently discovered a major vulnerability in widely used encryption software that could potentially cause widespread, severe damage to the private data of millions of people around the globe. OpenSSL is a cryptologic software that used by millions of websites throughout the internet to encrypt communications between users and webpages. That data now stands at risk due to the vulnerability, which obviously is causing major concern for end-users and website owners alike. More than a half a million websites are already currently at risk.

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Topics: cyber, encryption, openssl, security, Uncategorized, cybersecurity

Protecting Mobile Devices

Posted by Christian Crank on Feb 26, 2014 1:21:56 PM

Name something that people carry everywhere, drop continuously and rely on to maintain relationships with others. Stumped? If you guessed mobile phones, you’re correct—they’re our most abused, loved and treasured devices—and with technology on the rise, more and more new high tech smartphones and tablets are being pushed onto the market faster than people can keep up with.

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Topics: cyber, mobile, security, Uncategorized

What is Encryption & Why is it Important?

Posted by The TrainACE Team on Nov 7, 2013 9:00:57 AM

What is Encryption?

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Topics: advanced security, certified encryption specialist, cybersecurity, encrypted data, encryption, encryption specialist, encryption training, security, Cisco