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Increase your Demand: Top 5 Reasons to Get CCNA Certified

Posted by Jeff Rinehard on Jun 8, 2017 9:00:00 AM

There are very few industries in the world that have seen the kind of growth that we find in IT, and it continues to grow at an extraordinary rate. If you're currently in the IT field or thinking about making a move, you'll find an extremely rewarding career and lucrative salary. You’ll also find that the IT field is pretty competitive. One of the best way to set yourself apart from the crowd is with the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification. This certification is the perfect way to acquire a strong foundation for your career, and not to mention, most employers will be looking for this. But, you want to know exactly why you need this certification, right?

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The CISO Role: Top Salary for Top Security

Posted by Jeff Rinehard on May 11, 2017 12:22:41 PM

Ransomware attacks and data breaches are everywhere now, and it's only intensifying. With this comes a need for better security, but it seems that security professionals are tougher to attract and keep than ever before. This reason alone may help explain why top-tier salaries are on the rise. Now we’re seeing more recognition for the need to hire a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to develop an information security strategy.

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5 Entry-Level IT Jobs to Start Your Tech Career

Posted by Jeff Rinehard on Apr 5, 2017 9:30:39 AM

There are plenty of great entry-level career options that will put you on the right path for a lucrative career in the IT field, but starting a new career, especially in the IT industry can seem a bit confusing at first. What position is right for you, what certifications do you need and what can you expect to make? Don’t worry; we’re going to answer these questions and make this a lot simpler.

Here are 5 entry-level IT jobs, certification requirements and the salary you can expect to make:

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5 Best Entry-Level IT Certifications

Posted by Jeff Rinehard on Mar 13, 2017 10:03:54 AM

In today’s fast paced and highly connected tech industry, seeking out the most relevant and useful career insight into the industry can seem like an intimidating task, especially when innovation in the tech field can change the name of the game overnight.

Most newcomers coming into the tech field have little to no experience but are desperately seeking the right IT and computer training.

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CompTIA CySA+ : What it means to the Cybersecurity field

Posted by Jeff Rinehard on Feb 10, 2017 10:42:49 AM

Nowadays organizations experience malware attacks, system intrusions, DDOS attacks and countless other threats coming at them from every corner of the web. This is an ongoing assault that has profoundly transformed how organizations need to approach cybersecurity.

The rapid increase in volume and the growing intricacy of threats means that if organizations want to stay secure they need look at the responsibility in a different way. The way to do this is with understanding the data and well-trained and perceptive employees who know what they’re looking at, interpret it correctly and apply it properly.

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Topics: CompTIA, cybersecurity, IT training, CompTIA CSA+, IT Security, IT Certification

Top 5 Highest Paying Cyber Security Certifications for 2017

Posted by Jeff Rinehard on Jan 6, 2017 9:49:21 AM

In the world of cyber security there are many certifications that will boost your career along with the lucrative financial compensations that goes along with it in return for protecting our nation’s computer networks from cyber-attacks.

These 5 cyber security certifications can command a six-figure salary in 2017:

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CEH vs. OSCP: A Modern Analysis for the Career-minded Professional

Posted by Jeff Rinehard on Dec 21, 2016 9:01:08 AM

Rising to the surface in a sea of cybersecurity hiring candidates demands more than mere skill. Employers demand stronger assurances, and the best guarantees of employee talent come in the form of certifications.

Choosing between obtaining Certified Ethical Hacker and Offensive Security Certified Professional credentials may seem difficult to the uninitiated. Here's some vital clarification on which certs will help you outswim your professional peers.

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10 Ways to Keep your Data Safe While Online Shopping

Posted by Jeff Rinehard on Dec 8, 2016 3:19:03 PM

Like so many of us, you’ll probably try to get a jump on the holiday shopping by turning to the good old internet. We can’t deny the online sales and promotions that are constantly in our face so let’s go for but stay safe at the same time!

We've compiled a list of the top 10 ways to keep your sensitive data safe while online shopping this holiday season.

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The 5 IT Certifications that will Boost your Tech Career

Posted by Jeff Rinehard on Nov 8, 2016 1:25:00 PM

Getting started in the information technology industry isn't easy. There are more qualified candidates than open positions in many areas. Often, having a degree isn't enough on its own to set you apart from the crowd. If you really want to stand out in a talented pool of candidates, you need the right IT certifications. Get your tech career off on the right foot with the right IT certification for your field. We've listed our top five certifications here to help you get started.


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