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What's up with Security+?

[fa icon="calendar"] Sep 2, 2014 9:00:28 AM / by The TrainACE Team

If you've started thinking about getting in the IT industry, chances are you've probably heard about the Security+ certification. Consequently, you've probably also asked yourself a few questions as well. What is the Security+ certification? Who is CompTIA? And why would a certification be the swaying factor for a job hopeful?

While all good questions, there's really only one answer that address all your concerns: GET THE CERT. Why the curt reply? Because CompTIA's Security+ certification is all that and a bag of chips, and I'm about to tell you why.

Why Security+?

A CompTIA Security+ certificate covers network security and risk management. This certification was approved by the U.S. Department of Defense, Hitachi Information Systems in Japan, Prestariang Systems Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia and by U.S. government contractors. Each of these entities places a high value on professionals who can deal with the security concerns that are so prevalent in our high-tech society. Possession of this certification indicates that the individual is extremely skilled in handling network security and risk management issues.

The certification covers many areas of network security, including cloud security, encryption, security protocols, system security and network infrastructure. An individual certified as a security professional can find a job as a network administrator, security consultant, security engineer, security analyst and more. These jobs can be found in places like information technology companies or for the U.S. military. The CompTIA Security+ certificate prepares you for jobs that often require a security clearance.

Security+ also offers a high average salary of approximately $80K. There are other certifications out there for for the security field, but you - and future employers - likely want the most well-known certification with a longer history of certifying professionals that are ready for challenges in the job market.

So Who Are These CompTIA People?

CompTIA is a well-known provider of vendor-neutral, internationally-recognized certifications for information technology (IT) fields. They have been certifying professionals for over 20 years, and a CompTIA Security+ may be just what you need to make your resume stand out.  A certification as a knowledgeable security professional will give you a shot at a higher starting salary at a good company, while also making you a candidate for advancement opportunities.

Security+ Relevancy
With reports of major security breaches on the news multiple times a year, security experts are more important than ever. A 2014 security report from Cisco Systems states that 50,000 network intrusions happen everyday. Hackers are targeting large corporations and internet resources. The cloud revolution has redefined data storage and presented another area of malicious intrusion. Now is the time when security professionals are in short supply, and becoming a certified professional can make you a valuable asset.

In the field of network security, up-to-date knowledge is always a necessity. To make sure certified security experts are always on top of rapidly changing attack methods and preventative measures, the CompTIA Security+ certification is updated every three years. With this certification, you get a solid foundation of the currently-applicable knowledge and skills.

Security+ for Established Professionals
The Security+ certification is useful no matter your goal, skill level, or professional experience. The 3-year update ensures that you are aware and ready for technological changes and trends, which just might be what’s needed to qualify you for that next promotion. Furthermore, the current job market makes regularly proving your worth a necessary step toward job security.

Why Should I Do This Again?

Should you get a CompTIA Security+ certification? The answer is yes. CompTIA certifications are an advantage on any resume because they make your expertise visible to your future or current employer. CompTIA Security+ are especially valuable in the current job market. . Preparation is key though---you want to make sure you can pass the exam! Luckily, there are plenty of Security+ study materials to help you out. Get a certification that declares you a security expert at a time when concerns are rising, and start a career that with a bright future.

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