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Security+ Training Prerequisites

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 12, 2014 11:30:37 AM / by alan

Security+ is a certification that can be acquired by people who want to get into a career in fields such as cyber security. There are a few different options such as working as freelance vendors in this industry or get a permanent job for a company who needs their computers and networks protected from hackers, viruses or any of the other things out there that can destroy an IT network. Once this certification is acquired, it will prove the individual has competency in the following skills:

  • network security
  • compliance and operational security
  • threats and vulnerabilities
  • application
  • data and host security
  • access control
  • identity management
  • cryptography



There are a few training prerequisites to take this test, though the more background you have in the world of technology the better you will do in the course work and on the final test. At least two years of technical experience of some kind is recommended to anyone who wants to successfully obtain the Security+ certification. While this isn’t always necessary for passing the test, it’s important for trying to go out and get a job with the certificate. So if you have a knack for IT and have worked in the field for at least two years, the Security+ certificate is probably attainable.

A course must be taken by the individual to learn everything they may need to know on the job. These courses are not required but they are incredibly helpful for passing the certification test which will allow someone to obtain the CompTia Security+ certification. This test is 100 questions in length at the very most, is both multiple choice and performance based and is 90 minutes in length. A passing score is 750, out of 1000 points total, so it is relatively competitive and difficult, meaning that you have to get most of the questions right. Failing the test will force you to take it again at some time in the future and will also require you to pay more money to do so.

Possession of this certificate allows one to obtain a wide variety of different security jobs within the tech industry, being someone who builds security systems for companies to those who manage them over an extended period of time. It is also a certificate which is required by the United States Department of defense, among other government departments that offer lucrative and comfortable jobs. Many United States contractors also require the Security+ certificate before they will consider giving someone a job.

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Written by alan

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