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Security+ Exam Cost

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 5, 2014 11:30:57 AM / by alan

The Security+ certificate provided by CompTia is something that major companies require for a wide variety of different vendors who work in the cyber security and tech sectors of their company. It doesn’t matter how much experience a worker has in these fields—if they don’t have this certificate they won’t be hired for a job in most cases. Therefore, if someone wants to work for the department of defense for any government or a United States defense contractor, they need to pass the test and obtain the CompTia Security+ certificate.

Different Tests, Different Costs

The tests cover a wide variety of different areas in the IT and security industries and because of this there are different costs for different tests. The CompTia A+ test costs $183, which is one of the more basic tests offered for certification. The Advanced Security Practioner test, which is one that covers a wide variety of different aspects of IT and security, costs $379 and will cover many more jobs than the A+ certificate, giving the graduate many more chances to get different jobs.

Other tests like CompTia CTT+ cost around $279, the CompTia Cloud+ which costs 261 dollars, or the CloudTia Linux+ test which costs $178, are meant for more specified jobs and should only be taken if told the job requires it. Most people who take the advanced security practitioner test, pass and obtain a certificate won’t need to take these tests unless directly required by their prospective employer or if an existing employer is making changes to their system. The latter is not uncommon, as the security and IT industry is constantly changing and adapting to the times. There are also Specialty test from CompTia like Cloud Essentials and Green IT+ tests which cost anywhere between 100 and 200 dollars. These are commonly certifications that are added on to existing employees requirements or are required for new employees who already have the advanced Security+ certificate.

Knowing the prices of these tests will encourage those who are looking for an IT job to pass, so they don’t have to take them again and cost themselves even more money. These tests can also be taken all over the world, though the amounts will vary based on the country’s exchange rate. However, these certificates work internationally, so if they are obtained in one country, they should work just about everywhere else. The costs also may fluctuate slightly over time, so check back to this site regularly to see if the price for any of these certification tests has risen or fallen.

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Written by alan

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