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Network Security Fundamentals

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 9, 2014 3:00:23 AM / by Christian Crank

Need a refresher on the basics of network security? Our Self-Paced Online Network Security Fundamentals training can help. Split into two separate classes that can be taken together or independently, you’ll learn how handle security threats and all about the tools that protect and defend computer networks.

Network Security Fundamentals explores TCP/IP network protocols and applications, network threats and vulnerable points of access, and different tools and techniques that strengthen network security. The class has multiple modules that make network security easy-to-learn. Each module includes interactive lectures and virtual labs that allow students to perform hands-on experiments based on the material.

Additionally, you’ll learn techniques on how to set up firewalls with good rules, authentication factors, intrusion detection, encryption and how to monitor and log traffic.

Want to learn how to manage risks and avoid vulnerabilities? Network Security Essentials has you covered. With topics ranging from typical IT infrastructures, fragmentation attacks, buffer overflows and cross site scripting, Network Security Essentials is guaranteed to provide the aspiring cyber security professional with all of the information they need to accelerate in their career.

Firewalls & VPNs, like Network Security Essentials, is a class focused on network security. But in this course, instead of focusing solely on the basics of network security, you’ll specifically address the two key technologies for protecting a network: firewalls and virtual private networking (VPN).

With modules on firewall fundamentals, rules, filters, design strategies, and deployment best practices, students will gain a better understanding of the principles behind network security. Firewalls & VPNs also features interactive lectures and virtual labs for a hands-on, thorough experience. Additionally, students will have the ability to test the strength of networks using the tools taught in the class.

For network infrastructure security professionals looking to broaden their knowledge of firewall and VPN security, this class is ideal. Firewalls & VPNs will ensure that students are well-versed on the best practices for securing a network.

Whether you take one class or both, our Network Security Fundamentals training is perfect for individuals seeking to heighten their network security skill set.

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