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Security+ Training Cost

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 12, 2014 11:30:29 AM / by alan

Security training is an important thing to know how to do in this day in age, as our computer networks are more vulnerable than ever to hackers and viruses, among many other technical threats. However, knowing how to properly secure a computer or a network of computers from these constant and ever-changing threats can be a very important and ultimately lucrative skill, which can be a real career for someone in the future. This is a skill that takes some time to learn and most large companies who are hiring people to set up and manage their security will require their security contractors or permanent employees to have a certificate proving they have been properly trained.

While there are a number of different courses out there that can teach these cyber security skills which will cost different amounts of money, you will want to be sure you are taking one that is legitimate and teaches everything you could possibly need to know to properly do the job. One good security course that can be taken online over the course of a year is CompTia’s Security plus Certification series.

This online course teaches:

  • general security concepts
  • communication security
  • infrastructure security
  • basics of cryptography
  • operational and organizational security

The CompTia course also has a practice exam which will prep all the students before they actually take the exam itself with questions similar to the actual tests. For all of this, the course cost ranges between $350 and one thousand dollars, depending on how many courses you take and what type of security you will need to provide in the future. There are also a number of different companies out there who offer better deals than others such as TrainACE who offers not only the certification but also textbooks, courseware, a study guide and an exam simulator Software for $1,995. Many courses and sites that offer the Security+ Certification also may have free white papers, webinars and other resources that will be beneficial to you during your training time as well as after.

Once these courses have been successfully completed you will receive a CompTia Security+ certificate, which will go a long way in helping you to get a security related job on a consulting or permanent basis. These certificates never expire, though you may have to get more training in the future to update your knowledge for the ever-changing world of cyber-security.

To learn more about the cost of the CompTIA Security+ Exam Certification from TrainACE visit their page to find out as well as the type of concepts covered and what prerequisites are required.

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Written by alan

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