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The Importance of Mobile Security

[fa icon="calendar"] Sep 16, 2014 8:00:02 AM / by The TrainACE Team

Reports on security breaches have now become standard in the daily news, as common as home or retail store robberies. Internet hackers steal personal banking information as simply as if they were reaching into someone's back pocket. However, security breaches are not limited to Internet transactions or computers. Mobile devices are now becoming targets for hackers to exploit user information.

The recent celebrity nude photo scandal points to the severity of this issue. Over 100 Hollywood starlets become victims of mobile hacking, when their private and personal nude photographs were exposed online by an anonymous hacker claiming to have accessed their Apple iCloud accounts.

Apple immediately launched a massive security investigation that uncovered a small, scarcely detectable code that could repeatedly guess passwords over and over found online. In the blink of an eye, private photographs were placed on the Internet for the world to see. Unexpected and undetected until it was too late, the victims were completely vulnerable assuming that their personal information was safe as long as it was on their own personal mobile devices.

So what is the answer? Mobile phones aren't going anywhere. You have to be completely educated about how to protect your personal information to avoid becoming a victim. The technology information age is here to stay. And it's only going to continue to become more and more available, making you more and more vulnerable. It is extremely dangerous to assume that mobile phones are secure. They are as accessible, if not more so, than computer servers. How can we, as consumers, protect ourselves? It's time to become proactive.

Becoming educated and gaining knowledge about how Internet thieves are able to steal your information can empower you to expertly secure your own information and rest in the assurance that you alone are in control of the security. Mobile Hacking and Security training can equip you with those vital skills. Delivered in a mostly hands-on learning format, Mobile Hacking and Security training teaches students how hackers access and exploit devices, how web servers are accessed illegally and reverse engineering mobile applications.

Additionally, the course educates individuals on the methodology behind mobile hacking, covering topics that explain how to invade a mobile application, how to properly secure a mobile phone, and specific issues that relate to the Android and iOS OS devices.

Prior to taking this course, it is recommended that you be familiar with basic programming concepts and Linux. (If you just said, "What?" than find your nearest Junior College or Open Courseware class that offers this in an online format and take it prior to attending this class - you will benefit greatly from it!) Graduates from the course will achieve CMDSP, or Certified Mobile Device Security Professional, certification, the top mobile security certification available. At the conclusion of the course, individuals will be well-equipped to effectively plan and prepare for a mobile security breach.

Though the thought of mastering mobile security may seem daunting, it's never too late to begin taking security seriously. Your choice can make or break the preservation of your privacy.





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The TrainACE Team

Written by The TrainACE Team

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