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CompTIA Certification Renewal Policy

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 9, 2016 12:00:09 PM / by Ariana Ciancio

CompTIA Training

CompTIA realizes that it is important to keep your IT certifications up-to-date and show that your skills and knowledge are current in the ever-changing Information Technology industry. That is why they created the CompTIA Continuing Education (CE) program.

The CompTIA certification renewal policy states that CompTIA certification holders (that earned their certifications after January 1, 2011) must renew them every three years from the certification date. This can be done through the CompTIA CE program. These certifications include:

CompTIA A+
CompTIA Network+
CompTIA Mobility+
CompTIA Security+
CompTIA Cloud+
CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP)

How to Renew CompTIA Certifications

There are three different ways that  you can choose to renew your CompTIA certifications:

  1. Pass the most current version of your certification exam.
  2. Obtain a qualifying higher-level CompTIA certification or other industry certification.
  3. Complete Continuing Education activities and earn the required number of Continuing Education Unites (CEUs) per certification. All CEUs must be earned within the three-year CE Renewal cycle.


Renewing multiple certifications? If you hold multiple CompTIA certifications, you are only required to renew the highest level CompTIA certification.

Ways to Earn CEUs

There are a variety of activities that can be completed to earn CEUs. While participating in these activities, CompTIA requires that 50% of the subject being taught, subject you are teaching or what you are writing relates to one or more of the exam objectives for the certification being renewed. Qualified activities are listed below:

-Earn an additional IT certification (CompTIA or Non-CompTIA)
-Teach a course
-Create instructional material
-Complete a CompTIA Exam Development Workshop (SME)
-Publish a relevant industry article, white paper, blog post or book
-Attend a webinar
-Attend a conference
-Complete a training course
-Complete a college course
-Complete an American Council on Education (ACE) accredited course
-Work experience

You can find more in-depth information about the activity requirements in CompTIA's Continuing Education (CE) Activities Chart.

Required Number of CEUs and Renewal Fees

The number of CEUs required differ based on the certification. Below is a list of how many CEUs you must obtain in a three-year period. CompTIA renewal fees vary based on the certification as well. You can find the yearly fees listed below.


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