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6 Benefits of a Combined CompTIA A+/Network+ Certification Class

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 19, 2018 4:54:41 PM / by Paul Ricketts

6 Benefits of a Combined CompTIA A+/Network+ Certification ClassIf you’ve been searching for a job in IT you will have undoubtedly come across a lot of information regarding the CompTIA series of IT Certifications. The CompTIA A+ and Network+ in particular, are foundational to getting started in IT, whether you are a graduate looking for that first job or a computer enthusiast who wants to jump from an unrelated job into the IT Industry. Of course, you can take both of the Certifications separately but there are several reasons to consider taking them as a combined class.

1. It’s less expensive to take a Combined CompTIA A+ and Network+ class

When you are just starting the search for a new job in an new industry, or are looking for that first job out of school, the cost is an issue. You have to weigh up the benefits of taking training classes against your available resources.

Attaining certification should be looked at as an investment. What you put into training now will give you better returns as your career develops. Indeed a quick search of any job site will show you that getting CompTIA A+ is a minimum level requirement for most IT jobs. But although CompTIA A+ on its own may  get you an entry-level IT support role, you will often find that in order to advance you will also need the CompTIA Network+ certification.

Taking a combined A+ and Network+ class has both immediate and long-term financial benefits. In the short term, combined A+/Network+ classes come with an immediate discount. At TrainACE, for instance, the two separate classes are $1,450 each (classes, books, and lab) whereas a combined class is $2,495 a savings of $405. In the longer term combined classes can benefit you financially because they get you into a better paying job from the get-go, and if you wait another year or more to take Network+, the class costs may  have gone up.

We all know that most people starting out in a new career have a limited budget. Taking a combined class does require higher up-front costs and won’t be for everybody. But when you are weighing your options, you should look at training costs as an investment in your future and then commit to the courses that best fit your goals and resources.

2. You Get the Certification You Need Faster

When it comes to resources, time is one of your most precious ones. Anyone in the process of job searching will attest to the challenge of balancing time spent searching, applying and interviewing for jobs, particularly if you already have a full-time job and are looking to move from one industry to another.

Taking a combined A+/Network+ class can help with that. Rather than put Network+ off for a year, or two, or maybe even forever, committing to a combined class makes sure you stay focused and get your foundational qualifications in a short period of time. With many employers using both CompTIA A+ and Network+ as a standard for IT roles the combined course will set you up in a shorter space of time.

As an example, TrainACE’s combined A+/Network+ training class typically runs for 12 days with exams arranged for each. Don’t be fooled, this is an intensive schedule that requires a high level of commitment. But that short period of high intensity will pay off when you start looking for work faster and with more confidence.

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3. It will put you ahead of the crowd during the interview process

If you’ve spent much time searching, or any other job sites you will have noticed that employers are asking more and more from their roles. This includes the need for CompTIA A+ and Network+ training and certification for most entry-level and mid-range IT roles. Increasingly these two foundational classes are being used by recruiters as a benchmark for entry into an IT career. Taking this into account, the benefits of taking a combined CompTIA A+ and Network+ class are self-evident.

4. You will be able to enter the IT Industry at a higher level position with better compensation

Despite the hype, entry-level IT jobs often offer very average salaries. There is a lot of truth that the IT industry pays well but these higher-paying gigs come as you gain more experience and prove that you can do the job. Having said this being able to enter the job market for roles that require both CompTIA A+ and Network+ is more likely to be higher level positions and subsequently give you a somewhat higher paycheck when you start. Again the benefits of attaining these certifications efficiently, as you start your job search will pay you back quickly once you enter the workforce.

5. Completing the combined class Gives you a stronger foundation than taking certifications separately

Each of the CompTIA certifications has a degree of overlap, so the A+ class covers some network fundamentals and the Network+ covers some hardware and support fundamentals. Taking the combined class re-enforces these concepts and ties them together to give you much stronger foundation than if you took the two classes separately months or years apart.

6. Having both CompTIA A+ and Network+ will give you the confidence you need to succeed in IT.

When it comes down to it Certifications are all about confidence. When you pass those final exams you have the ability to take on a brand new job with the confidence you have the skills you need to do the job. In turn, your new employer can confidently offer you the job based partly on the fact that you have proven you have the skills required to get the job done and move the company forward.

Confidence is also an essential element of an IT support or network administration role. You need to be able to answer questions knowledgeably, clearly and succinctly. Having the CompTIA A+ certification on its own will certainly set you up for an entry-level IT support role in its own right. But depending on the company you join, over time, you will likely find that your lack of networking fundamentals reduces your ability to confidently serve your constituents as effectively you would like. Having the additional knowledge that CompTIA Network+ certification gives you will fill that gap and keep you ahead of the curve. Again the ability to get both these certifications in a short period of time is self-evident.

About the CompTIA A+ and Network+ Combined Training Class

The combined A+/Network+ training course at TrainACE will help you successfully navigate your way into the IT industry by giving you an extensive background in operating systems, network administration, and hardware configuration

With the A+/Network+ certification course not only will you be provided with PC hardware and operating systems knowledge, but you will also receive crucial hands-on training, which usually makes up 60% of the course.

The A+/Network+ training course is 96 Academic Clock Hours, with 3 exams needed for certification. The exams cover network technologies, configuration, management, preventative maintenance, security, troubleshooting and other core certification skills.

With these certifications you will be able to explore careers in:

  • Computer Repair
  • Network Administration
  • Security Engineer
  • Systems Administration
  • Desktop/Technical Support Technician
  • Application Developers
  • Computer Operator
  • Technical Trainer
  • Web Developer
  • Information Security Specialist
  • Software Developer
  • Database Analyst

Make Your Choice Based on Your Needs

The combined CompTIA A+ and Network+ Class is not for everybody. It is a fast-paced and intensive class that will challenge your commitment, and your ability to learn new skills. But if you have the drive and determination to take the classes you will get where you want to go faster, cheaper and with the ability to command a higher salary, more quickly than if you take each course one by one over a longer period of time. If however, you do not have the resources, or time available to complete this condensed course you can certainly take each individually with us.

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Written by Paul Ricketts

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