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Why You Should Become CISM Certified

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 25, 2015 11:14:36 AM / by Ariana Ciancio

In a connected world, there is a clear need for professionals who have the knowledge and skills to keep information safe and secure. Individuals who work in the fields of Information Security and Information Technology understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of data and information. With an extra credential, IS and IT professionals can elevate their educations while advancing their careers. The Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) certification is a clear benefit to people who work in the technology sector and are eager to demonstrate their value to employers.

What a CISM Certification Can Do for You

The CISM certification was established in 2002. Since that time, almost 30,000 professionals from around the world have earned the credential. The CISM certification is a globally recognized credential in the information management field. The CISM certification demonstrates an understanding of the ways in which information security impacts the overarching goals of a business. Put another way, professionals who hold CISM certifications address the information security needs of a business while, at the same time, adapt to the changing needs of that business. In short, professionals who earn CISM certifications mark themselves as experienced in both security solutions and security management. The CISM certification represents a dual mastery in areas sorely needed by businesses.

Where to Start

Professionals seeking the CISM certification need to meet a few basic requirements before beginning the process. The benchmarks for applying to earn CISM certification include 5 years of work in field of information security, with a minimum of 3 years in information security management. The CISM examination is rigorous and training prior to the exam helps prepare you for success. Classes for the CISM certification focus heavily on exam prep, which is helpful to CISM candidates. The CISM exam is a 200-question, multiple-choice exam. A passing score on the exam is 450 on a scale of 800. The exam is a true test of mastery in the field of information security management, and those who pass the exam and earn CISM credentials stand out as elite professionals who are committed to continuing education.

What Jobs Can You Land with a CISM Certification?

Among the top IT certifications, the CISM certification can lead to a variety of careers in information security. With a certification, some of the available career paths include Security Officer and Security Consultant for Computing, Networking, or IT. The previous jobs are frequently cited as junior-level positions for those with CISM certification. Middle and higher-level positions include the following: Information Security Manager, Security Manager, and Chief Information Security Officer. Changing and emerging security demands suggest that the CISM certification provides a wealth of job opportunities, so those seeking the credential can be assured that their expertise is in high demand. The annual salary for professionals with a CISM certification is anywhere from $52,00-$243,00. The lower end of the range represents entry-level positions, and the higher end of the range is indicative of jobs that demand a high level of experience. Professionals with CISM certification can anticipate employers providing salaries and bonuses that are commensurate with an individual’s experience.

Above and Beyond

The CISM certification suggests an elite level of commitment, an interest in ongoing professional education, and an ability to meet the changing demands of the information security landscape. Professionals with CISM certifications are flexible, capably managing security strategies while assessing the protocols and policies of a business. The CISM professional goes beyond keeping information secure. The CISM professional uses the world of IT auditing and fuses it with the world of strategic security management. In short, the CISM professional knows how to keep information secure, understands when information in compromised, and makes seamless adjustments to restore security.

If you are interested in increasing your knowledge and skills in IS and IT, advancing your career/and or salary, and building your resume, sign up for a CISM training class today!


Ariana Ciancio

Written by Ariana Ciancio

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