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Why Cloud Security Training Should be a Priority for Tech Firms in the Next Year

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 7, 2012 5:08:36 PM / by Ryan Corey

In the last few years, businesses have started to transition over to cloud computing solutions that make it possible for them to recover data, and to save money on equipment costs. Because of the convenience that comes with cloud computing, there has been a massive movement in this area, and it is poised to get even bigger in the near future. Tech firms who want to capitalize on this phenomenon need to put an emphasis on learning security measures for the cloud.

How Big is it Going to Get?

A recent study by industry giant Merrill Lynch found that the cloud computing market is going to be bigger than $160 billion within the next two years. Another study done by Gartner estimated that the market will be at $150 billion by 2013. Either way, you're talking about a lot of businesses switching over to cloud-based services. This means that anyone who is an expert in the field will potentially have a lot of customers that need help.

Security is a Concern

Although the cloud computing market is growing rapidly, there are a number of businesses that are holding back from jumping into the cloud. One of the primary concerns that these companies have is that their information will not be secure. In fact, according to a survey by LinkedIn, 54 percent of respondents said that the reason they are not getting involved with cloud-based technologies is because of concerns over security. When they put their data out there on someone else's server, they feel like there is a chance that it could be compromised in some way. If you are able to become an expert in cloud security, you could possibly put some of these fears to rest, and get some of your own customers to switch over to the cloud under your guidance.

It's Going to Be a Necessity

Learning about cloud security is going to put you ahead of the curve for now. However, you will have to become an expert in cloud technology at some point, if you would like to remain competitive as an IT professional. At some point, most data is going to be stored in the cloud. According to a study done by Gartner, about 60 percent of server workload will be virtualized by the year 2014. This obviously constitute the majority of the work that is taking place on servers. As an IT professional, you're going to have to be able to work with these grout technologies if you want to be able to help your customers. This is where the market is heading in the next few years. If you want to remain relevant, you should act now before the market makes a full transition.

Customers Feeling Safer

Although there are a large number of customers that feel uneasy about trusting their data to the cloud, another portion of customers actually feel like their data is safer in the cloud. Of companies that have actually used cloud services, 57 percent of them think that their data is actually safer while it is in the cloud, as compared to hosting it on their internal servers. This is because it is being trusted to some of the biggest names in technology, that have teams of people working to protect their data. Once you can convert a customer over to cloud-based technologies, you can show him exactly how safe his data really is. At that point, your job becomes a lot easier. You don't have to worry about convincing your customers, and you can instead focus on providing them with great service. As an IT professional, knowing everything there is to know about how security can give you an advantage in the market, and help put your customer's minds at ease. This could help position you as an expert in a rapidly growing field for the future.

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Ryan Corey

Written by Ryan Corey

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