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What Does an AWS Developer Do?

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 31, 2022 9:52:42 AM / by Paul Ricketts

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the top cloud computing platform worldwide. In Q1 2022, AWS held 33% of the cloud computing market, with the closest competitor at only 22%. Since its launch in 2006, the AWS platform has grown year over year and shows no signs of slowing down. This growth means that the demand for professionals like AWS Developers also continues to increase.

The role of an AWS Developer involves working specifically with application programs and software within the AWS platform. If you want to break into this role, you’ll find it engaging, unique, and challenging but rewarding.

One of the eleven certifications offered by AWS is the AWS Certified Developer Associate certification. This credential proves that certified individuals have the ability to create and maintain AWS applications. It’s a sought-after certification for software developers and those who employ them.

What Are the Main Responsibilities of an AWS Certified Developer?

The general role of an AWS Developer is to develop and maintain AWS applications. The primary responsibilities for this type of position are:

  • Choosing the appropriate AWS services for the application
  • Leveraging AWS software development kits (SDK) to interact with the AWS services from applications
  • Code level application security – Identity and access management (IAM), encryption, credentials, etc.
  • General debugging and troubleshooting
  • Programming with AWS APIs
  • Develop and maintain applications that are written for various Amazon and AWS services, including AWS CloudFormation, Amazon Simple Storage Service, Amazon Simple Workflow Service, Amazon Simple Notification Service, Amazon Simple Queue Service, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, and Amazon DynamoDB
  • Write code to optimize the overall performance of AWS services used by applications

The responsibilities listed may vary depending on the specific position and organization. AWS Developers may be asked to be a part of developing and documenting best practices and strategies regarding the deployment of applications and infrastructure maintenance. Additionally, it isn’t unusual for AWS developers to be called upon to make recommendations to optimize current infrastructures.

What Kinds of Jobs Require the AWS Developer Certification in Maryland?

Do a quick search online for AWS Certified Developer job openings in Maryland, and you’ll find well over 2,000 potential positions on all the major job websites. Some of the most popular available jobs and their main duties are:

  • AWS Developer – Developing cloud software applications and services
  • AWS SysOps Administrator – Installing, configuring, operating, maintaining, and monitoring AWS cloud systems, software, and infrastructures
  • Cloud Support Engineer – Helping customers with AWS applications, building and maintaining AWS test instances, working with AWS Cloud Developers to support the product, and debugging reported problems
  • AWS Cloud Architect – Designing cloud architecture and leading implementations, working with customers and AWS engineers to deliver high-quality solutions for stakeholders
  • Cloud Software Engineer (AWS) – Designing, programming, and implementing innovative cloud systems and AWS cloud software services

How Much Does a Certified AWS Developer Earn in Maryland?

In the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area, including parts of Maryland, IT salaries can be lucrative – even higher than national averages. Professionals who are certified have the potential to earn even more. Here are the average starting salaries for certified AWS developer jobs in metro D.C.:

With experience and additional certifications, the salaries for the above roles can reach as much as $200,000 per year. Of course, salaries depend on the organization and specific job roles. Some of the largest corporations in the country are headquartered in Washington, D.C., and they are consistently hiring IT professionals like certified AWS developers. These corporations include Danaher Corporation, Marriott International, Capital One, Lockheed Martin, Fannie Mae, Hogan Lovells, Amtrak, Siemens, IBM, and General Dynamics, just to name a few. Additionally, there are many U.S. government agencies and military organizations that are located in Washington, D.C., including the Department of Defense (DoD), the Department of Justice (DoJ), the Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Navy, the USDA, and many others.

Washington, D.C. and its surrounding cities make up one of the country’s most populated metropolitan areas. When coupled with the number of large, highly successful organizations with offices there, it makes the area a prime location for certified IT professionals to begin or continue their careers.

Ready to Get Your AWS Developer Certification?

Preparing for the AWS Certified Developer exam is important, but it isn’t always easy to know exactly what to study and which resources to use. TrainACE is the answer to students’ need for AWS resources. Students in the Developing on AWS training course will learn all the relevant information and skills that are required to successfully pass the certification exam. So, sign up for this training course today to start your AWS developing future.


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