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What Are the Benefits of Instructor-Led Training for IT Teams in Maryland?

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 8, 2022 12:33:07 PM / by Paul Ricketts

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Instructor-led training is just one of the ways that today’s trainees learn. However, it remains beneficial for a variety of reasons. The personalized, hands-on learning students receive from a live instructor is irreplaceable. An interactive classroom, whether in-person or virtual, is important for those learning technical skills that may be complex, like many IT and cybersecurity topics are.

What is Instructor-Led Training?

Instructor-led training (ILT) refers to any training experience facilitated by an instructor instead of a self-guided study type of course. ILT comes in different forms, most commonly in an online or classroom setting. Online or virtual training courses require students to attend class via conferencing technologies like Skype or Zoom. In the more traditional ILT, students attend training in person, in an actual classroom setting. Both types of training, virtual and in-person, allow trainees to ask questions and receive immediate feedback. The instructors are there to help students stuck on a particular task or concept, which is important for subjects like technology.

What Are the Benefits of Instructor-Led Training?

In instructor-led classes, the trainees can take advantage of benefits that are not available with other training formats, like self-guided e-learning training where the lessons are text to be read or recorded videos to be watched.

Some of the key benefits of instructor-led training courses are:

It’s effective for teaching complex topics. Technology is complicated – especially for learners new to the IT industry or those learning new concepts and skills. With ILT, a knowledgeable subject matter expert is available in real-time to help those students who have difficulty grasping intricate concepts or applications.

It allows for more engagement. There is a certain dynamic between students, their instructor, and each other in a classroom. The students are taking part in a shared experience, and as a result, there is a camaraderie that develops between them. They can help and support one another throughout the training. Additionally, ILT allows students to have face-to-face interactions with their instructor. Questions or concepts can be discussed, not just read about.

Students can receive immediate feedback. In an ILT course, there are live interactions. That means that when students have questions, need more information about specific concepts, or perform classwork, they are unsure of, they will receive immediate feedback. Trainees will not have to wait for a return email or other type of contact to get answers.

ILT is adaptable. Every student is unique, and every training class is different. Some classes may have participants who are relatively new to the field, while others have more seasoned students. In an instructor-led training course, facilitators have the opportunity to adapt the curriculum to better meet the needs of the group of students. They can move through the material faster or slower when it’s necessary.

It allows students to have a hands-on experience. ILT courses make it easier to add in hands-on experiences and lab exercises. Teams can work through examples that are live during class time.

It’s a distraction-free environment. Distractions lower students’ retention of course content. When there is a designated time and location for the class, students are less likely to allow distractions like checking email or looking at social media to distract them from what is being taught.

It has a higher perceived value. Participants in ILT often have a higher perceived value to this type of training because they are aware of the expenses involved with having an instructor and classroom.

It ensures you are covering the latest exam requirements. There’s a vast range of free or cheap self-guided materials available on the internet, but many of these materials are outdated, created for older versions of certification exams. Keeping up with the latest changes can be a challenge. ILT instructors are required to keep up with the latest exam updates, so you can be sure you’ll be learning the latest requirements.

Instructor-led training can get you where you need to be faster. Students often find that ILT classes help them get through the training more efficiently than if they took a self-paced class. The incentive to attend classes at specific times and methodically work through all the materials helps keep students on track.

Is ILT Team Training Right for Your Company?

Instructor-led training courses are ideal for organizations that need knowledgeable and skilled teams prepared to a consistently high standard. This is particularly true in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C., where many major corporations, government agencies, and other significant organizations are headquartered. IT teams often need specialized training that goes beyond self-paced, online courses.

Instructor-led team training gives organizations a level of oversight on how their training budget is spent and the quality of instruction. It also ensures that your staff is focused on getting the most out of the training.

Instructor-led training is right for your company if:

  • You have complicated networks, infrastructure, or operating procedures
  • Your training requires hands-on experiences
  • You have newer, less-educated employees who need to be brought up to speed
  • You have experienced employees who need to be brought up to date
  • You want a training program that gives you the best insight into how your training budget is being spent and how effective the training is
  • Your organization values face-to-face interaction and networking opportunities.

TrainACE Offers Instructor-Led Training for IT Teams in Maryland

TrainACE has high-quality content, experienced instructors, and an ideal learning environment for IT teams from all types of organizations in the metropolitan Washington D.C. area. Our courses are comprehensive, and many are designed to prepare students for IT certification exams. Contact TrainACE today to see how we can help your IT team get the training they need.

Paul Ricketts

Written by Paul Ricketts

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