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Take Our Cyber Security Survey - Win An iPad

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 9, 2014 9:36:03 AM / by Katrina Lowe


With the recent surge of data breaches at major corporations, several businesses are revisiting their cyber security infrastructure. Are the current methods in place strong enough to safeguard sensitive data? Or is there an immediate need to amend the network?

While all businesses strive to protect their data, their practices ultimately differ. Your business' protection process may be completely opposite to that of an online retailer's. Consequently, TrainACE is interested to find out how businesses choose to handle cyber security. Does your employer express major concern about routinely maintaining a tight security system? Or do they only address security when there's a potential breach of data?

We want to hear from you! We're running a cyber security survey in which you can tell us what YOUR business is doing about security. Here's what will happen when you participate in our survey:

      • Enter to win an iPad (optional)
      • Receive a free copy of the results when published
      • All data you provide will remain anonymous

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Thank you for your participation, and stay for the results! 


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Katrina Lowe

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