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Securing Web Applications

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 18, 2014 4:50:13 PM / by Christian Crank

While the Internet is an integral part of most organizations today, this widely used public network is also the source of data theft, cyber stalking and many other dangerous threats. Navigating the web safely can be particularly difficult---many cannot identify a threat before it strikes.

With the Web Application Security self-paced online training course, avoiding threats online will become second-nature. You'll learn how to manage risk in web applications, identify and classify weaknesses, and devise beneficial strategies for developing secure web applications. This course will be very valuable to corporations that have a significant internet presence, as they need to ensure that their web applications are secure as possible to maintain integrity.

This course will teach students how to manage risk in web applications by covering topics such as existing threats on the internet, tracking website visitors, common internet risks and secure website hosting. A focal point of the course curriculum includes identifying and classifying weaknesses in web applications and strategies for developing secure web applications. Though the class is online, learning isn't restricted to a simple point and click experience. Each section of the course lesson plan includes an interactive lab and various lectures tailored for full-scope learning in a quick and easy manner. Each section includes a comprehensive summary quiz that covers all information in the section to ensure that your learning follows the pace of the material.

Having this type of knowledge is essential when working with any type of web application on you or your corporation's website. You'll know exactly how to secure your application and make it difficult for hackers and crackers to attack the application with malicious code. Additionally, this class will teach you to incorporate Common Gateway Interface (CGI) form and Structured Query Language (SQL) database access secure coding standards and techniques into web applications. You'll also learn how to incorporate Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) secure coding standards. Knowing this information will help a web application developer to make smarter choices when developing and securing apps; a vital skill set in the industry.

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Christian Crank

Written by Christian Crank

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