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How TrainACE Helps You Pass the CompTIA A+ and Network+ Exams

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How TrainACE Helps You Pass the CompTIA A+

There are a ton of great reasons to work in the IT industry. With more openings than skilled people to fill them, IT and Cybersecurity roles offer the potential for an engaging career with excellent salaries. But to qualify for those roles, you need professional IT certifications, which can be challenging, particularly if you are new to the industry.

So, if you are thinking about getting into the IT and Cybersecurity field, let’s break down why it’s a great industry to get into and how TrainACE can help you pass the entry-level CompTIA A+ and Network+ exams.


Is It Worth Getting a Job In IT?

With the rapid adoption of technology across every walk of life and ever-increasing cyber-attacks on businesses, the demand for IT and cybersecurity staff is far outstripping the available pool of skilled technicians. So, there are likely to be more and more opportunities for people trying to get into the industry for now and in the foreseeable future.

This industry growth is creating a broader and more diverse range of career paths. Whether you’re interested in programming, web design, network engineering, or cybersecurity, there are many exciting opportunities there for the taking.

Skilled and experienced IT workers are paid exceptionally well, but the big numbers come with time. Starting salaries in IT are very competitive compared to entry-level jobs in other industries. Still, you’ll have to work towards the six-figure salaries by learning new skills and gaining real-world experience.

So, is it worth getting into IT? The short answer is yes, there are great opportunities in IT, and if it’s a field you are interested in, it is certainly worth putting in the time to learn the skills and get started. Your initial outlay for foundational training and certification may seem a lot, but with a commitment to learning, it’s very possible to gain a career that more than pays for itself.


How Will We Help You Pass the A+ and Network+ Exams?

There is a range of training options available when preparing for the A+ and Network+ exams. Depending on your learning style, time constraints, and budget, you can choose from low-cost self-study programs to more costly but more effective instructor-led classes.

We offer self-study and in-class learning, and over the years, we’ve found time and again that students do much better and achieve their goals much faster through instructor-led classes. But beware, not all trade schools provide the same support for their students. So, when you are researching your training options and the cost, pay attention to the additional help the school provides to help you pass the exam.

Here are the unique ways that TrainACE helps you pass the CompTIA A+ and Network+ exams:

Hands-On Training

All our classes have hands-on training built-in. This gives students the experience and practice to fully understand the course concepts. More importantly, it gives them the confidence to use their skills back in the real world. Many other training schools use virtual, or even worse, PowerPoint presentations to teach concepts and tools, which is clearly not the best way to learn how to wire a router or fit a hard drive!

In our A+ class, for instance, through hands-on tuition, we’ll teach you how to assemble computers using real components and parts. For our Cisco students, you can practice your skills working in our CISCO lab, practicing setting up routers and switches. With this specialized training, students can understand the material thoroughly and gain some time working with the components they will be tested on.

In-Person Learning and Extended Classes

A significant benefit of studying with TrainACE is the ability for students to attend live classes run by an industry-experienced instructor. While some people do well through self-study, this requires much self-discipline to ensure you cover the right material and keep on track. Most students benefit from the structure and personal interaction that instructor-led training provides.

Nearly all our classes run simultaneously in person at our Greenbelt campus and online. Over the years, we’ve found that students taking A+ and Network+ do better when attending class in person. This is because of the physical requirements needed to put a computer together and wire up a network. The ability to interact with the teacher and other students is also a significant benefit to IT novices who have limited IT experience.

A unique feature of our CompTIA A+ is our extended class length. Unlike other schools, our A+ class is 56 rather than the typical 40 hours long. We discovered early on that because people attending A+ are new to the industry, they typically needed more time in the classroom to understand concepts and be ready for the exams. With this extension, students are more likely to pass their tests and gain a stronger baseline knowledge for their chosen career path!

What Are A+ and Network+ Study Groups?

Study Groups can be a fantastic way for students to get together with others and practice concepts that everyone may be struggling with. These are offered for free to all A+ and Network+ students and typically run 3-4 times a month.

Study Groups are informal, instructor-led sessions where students can ask questions about specific topics they are having difficulties with. Group sizes tend to be small, so it’s a perfect opportunity for students to work with instructors to break down roadblocks and better prepare for the exams.

What Are TrainACE’s Training Guarantees?

One of the more popular benefits of training with us is our quality and pass guarantees. Students with good attendance in their first class can retake the class for free within a year with nearly all our classes. This is great for students who aren’t ready to take exams after the first class and feel they need additional tuition before taking them or students who try the exam after the first class and fail.

Exceptional Customer Service

Lastly, TrainACE has a fantastic team that exhibits exceptional customer service skills and caters to students’ concerns. With our business beginning in 2001, we have grown a lot and gained valuable experience in how to best prepare students for their exams. We have helped thousands of people advance within both the IT and cybersecurity fields throughout this time.

With everyone in the office being super inviting, students can have no worries when asking a question or clarifying something. Our focus as a company is on helping students advance in the IT industry and be able to apply the skills they’ve learned in the real world, as well as pass their exams!


How Do You get started in IT?

If you’re looking to get your IT Career started, you can call us at 301 220 2802 for a free consultation, or you can check out our CompTIA A+ information page.


Alexandra Ducane

Written by Alexandra Ducane

Alexandra Ducane is currently a junior at the University of Maryland, College Park. Majoring in both Marketing and Communications, she joined TrainACE as a Social Media Specialist, creating marketing content, blogging, and helping build our social media platforms.

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