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Ethical Hacking Tools and Techniques

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 4, 2014 8:00:16 AM / by Christian Crank

Are you a fan of hacking? Do you love breaking down firewalls? Have you been attacked and want to understand the knowledge yourself? Want to break into systems without getting penalized for it? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, our Online Ethical Hacking Methods training is for you.

Designed for IT professionals who desire in-depth knowledge of ethical hacking techniques, Ethical Hacking Methods training provides background to hacking, penetration testing, port scanning, network traffic analysis and information gathering. Specifically, students will learn the roles of ethical standards and the law, how to exploit insecure applications, how to map a network and the fundamentals of network attacks.

For individuals seeking to develop their penetration skills and gain a true understanding of the legality and ethics behind the practice of ethical hacking, this course is a great option.  As students move along in this course, so will their comfort with the subject. Thinking outside of the box to develop alternative ways to hack into a system and learning how to exposure vulnerabilities previously unbeknownst to your client are all of part of the skills you’ll develop while enrolled in the course.

As with our other online courses, Ethical Hacking Methods features comprehensive reading material, interactive lectures and virtual labs that reinforce the course content. Though a complex subject, the information presented is easy to understand using the tools provided in our self-paced online environment.

With topics ranging from industry-based penetration testing to how attackers cover their tracks, Ethical Hacking Methods is the right choice for those who desire to broaden their knowledge and expertise in ethical hacking. System administrators who are trying to make the jump to ethical hacking and penetration testing will enjoy this class as well. Hacking can be good—if done correctly.

Topics: CEH, EC-Council, Ethical Hacking

Christian Crank

Written by Christian Crank

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