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Being a certified ethical hacker is an in-demand career. While relatively new, the need for it can't be underestimated. These are the people who can beat unethical hackers, because they know the things those hackers know and can think like them. There are now classes around the world that will teach you to become a certified ethical hacker. Once you're certified, you can get a job with almost any company that uses technology that is prone to hacking. To become certified, however, you have to pass a certification exam at the end of your training course.

When studying for your Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification exam, it helps to have as many study materials in front of you as possible. The test is challenging. Here's what types of CEH training materials are available, where to get them, and how they can help you start your amazing new career.

Different Types of Training Materials Available

  • Hands-On Lab Work--Found in CEH exam prep classes, these labs allow you to actually do some hacking under the guidance of your instructors. Labs simulate a real-world situation and lets you "get your hands dirty" by solving a security problem on an actual computer. Put your hacking skills to use with actual, physical practice. There's no better way to learn than by doing, and this type of training will allow you to do your hacking thing as much as you like until you're an expert.
  • Study Guides with Test Questions (Book or DVD)--You can buy study guides with test questions for the CEH exam. These guides come in both book and DVD format. Similar to any other type of study guide, these guides will give you information that will be on the exam and allow you to take sample test questions to see how much you know. You can read and re-test as much as you need before the exam. This is a traditional study method that still works.
  • Test-Simulating Software--There is also test-simulating software. This software will give you a real-world practice run of the CEH exam. Take it as many times as you need until you know you can pass the exam with flying colors. Study with test-simulating software, and you'll know what to expect from every part of the exam when you take it. It's extremely helpful.

Where Can You Get CEH Training Materials?

Most CEH training classes will provide you with at least some training materials as part of the class. In fact, nearly any CEH training class will be a treasure trove of training materials. The classes are the only places where you can access hands-on labs, for example. If you're taking an in-person class, you can get extra materials such as study guides and software from campus bookstores. Online training courses offer these materials for sale through their websites as adjunct materials. You can also buy a variety of CEH training materials through (which has a large selection of such training materials).


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