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CEH Training Cost

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As more and more of our economic life evolves into the digital age, it is becoming more crucial to ensure that our digital lives and information is secure. The only way that the government, financial institutions and the private sector can keep vital information safe is to employ individuals with the same skill base as criminal hackers. These individuals are referred to as “Ethical Hackers.” Ethical hackers use their skill base to assistant the institutions with security maintenance and problem solving.

Ethical Hacker Training

Many schools are now including Ethical Hacker training as part of their program listing. There are also IT training organizations such as TrainACE that solely offers these type of classes. Because there is a growing demand for ethical hackers in the government and private sector, the cost involved in these training programs proves to be well invested money for students.

Initial Training Costs

Ethical Hacking training courses are offered through many traditional schools such as George Mason University. They offer ethical hacking as part of their technology program Traditional tuition costs would apply to programs offered through traditional schools. There are a growing number of online courses being offered as well for individuals who would like to learn ethical hacking at their own pace. Companies like Secure Ninja offer extensive ethical hacker training classes from the comfort of your home. Online training courses can range in price from 600.00 to 1600.00 dollars depending on the course length and complexity.

Certification Exam Cost

Once an individual has completed their chosen course in ethical hacking, they will need to complete a nationally certified ethical hacker exam which is generally administered by the EC Council. The cost for the examination usually ranges between five hundred to six hundred dollars. A student must first complete an in depth ethical hacker training program before attempting the exam.

Ethical Hacker Salaries vs. Training Costs

Though at first sight the training and certification costs may seem high for some prospective students, you must consider the costs as compared to the average ethical hacker salaries right now in our economy. According to salary statistics at an individual employed as an ethical hacker can anticipate a salary range between $99,000- $120,000 annually. With earning potentials such as that, it is easy to see how the training and certification costs for this career is a wise investment in your future.

The added benefit of becoming an ethical hacker is that you will be using your skill base to make a difference in people’s lives. Putting an end to online and internet crime is an accomplishment you can be proud of for years to come.

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Written by alan

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