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CEH Practice Test

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The vision of a hacker sitting in a darkened room pecking away on a keyboard with computer code scrolling down three separate monitors morphs to an invaluable member of the business world. Legal hacking grabs the attention of many who want to use their computer coding and puzzling skills to earn a living instead of running from the law.

You can test your skills by taking a Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) practice test. If already in a CEH course, taking a practice test will build your skills and confidence. Look at the practice exams below, some come free, and test your hacking knowledge before taking the EC-Council certification exam.

CEH Practice Test Questions

Use the practice test questions below to test your CEH knowledge. Write down all yours answers, then scroll down to see the answers below.

-- Begin Practice Test Questions --

1. What best describes an Ethical Hacker?

2. A "Hacktivist" is someone who ______?

3. Traceroute maps routes that a packet travels by _____.

4. What are the four existing RIRs (Regional Internet Registry)?

5. True or False, after Footprinting in the CEH methodology, Enumeration is the next step?

6. When a router is blocking ICMP, what reply codes would you receive on your console?

7. When one goes through the garbage of a target to find information such as door codes, passwords and ip addresses, it is called what?

8. A 160-bit encryption standard would be?

9. What ICMP command uses code Type 0 (Echo Reply) and Type 8 (Echo)?

10. Johnny is scanning a network that he is trying to penetrate, he sends a xmas scan at port 443 and it replies with a RST, is the port open or closed?

11. Automated tools like Nessus or Nmap are great tools, but they have one major disadvantage, what would that disadvantage be?

12. Blackhat Barry is trying to create a Trojan-horse to send to a company for malicious intent, he uses his trusty hacking tools and applies a Wrapper to his trojan. In this case, what is the definition of a Wrapper?

13. Johnny wants to exploit a Kerberos protocol on a machine in the network he was hired to penetrate. What port number would Johnny point his tools at?

14 Samantha wants to hide information she wants to send out to her colleagues in a red-team exercise in whitespace. What steganography technique is Samantha using?

15. Kevin used to programs with a modem to penetrate old modem/PBX-based systems. Which technique did Kevin use to do this?

-- End Practice Test Questions--

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-- Begin Practice Test Answers --

  1. A security professional who applies his hacking skills for defensive purposes.
  2. Hacks for a cause.
  3. Manipulating the TTL (Time to Live) value parameter to elicit a time exceeded in transit message
  5. False, Scanning would be the next step.
  6. Type 3 = Destination Unreachable/Code 13 = Communication Administratively Prohibited.
  7. Dumpster diving
  8. SHA-1
  9. The ping command
  10. closed
  11. Noisy, they perform great analysis or system vulnerabilities, however, they can possibly trip IDS systems.
  12. A tool to bind the Trojan to a legitimate file, a wrapper does not change header or footer of any packets but it mixes between legitimate file and trojan file.
  13. 88
  14. snow
  15. Wardialing

-- End Practice Test Answers --



You will find a free sample quiz taken from the Certified Ethical Hacker All-in-One Exam Guide, published by McGraw-Hill in 2011.

The CEH practice quiz 1 asks 15-questions based on the EC Council's ethical hacking objectives with questions geared toward their objectives.

The questions differ from the actual certification exam and work well as study guides for intermediate students.

Boson ExSim-Max for CEH 312-50 practice exam

For a $99.00-single user fee, take the ExSim-Max for CEH 312-50 practice exam. The practice exam features 450 questions in three separate test simulations.

Through a variety of questions set at the difficulty level of the real exam, you assess your readiness for the CEH-50 and the ECO-350 certification tests. Test scores and complete explanations for incorrect answers help to build an understanding of the material before taking the real test.

Sample questions cover telecommunication technologies, malware operations, mobile technologies and web technologies. Take all three-practice exams to gain the experience available and keep them for resource and study materials.

ExSim-Max works with classroom assignments to teach the entire scope of Ethical Hacking as a system manager or penetration tester. Try the free DEMO before you buy the service.

Knowledge Buster

A no-nonsense 42-question practice exam with a 60-minute time limit and you need to score 80-percent or better to pass. The questions cover the objectives designed for the EC-Council exam and the results will show any areas needing study that is more intensive.

The EC-Council 312-50 Certified Ethical Hacker practice test on Knowledge Buster's gets straight to the practice exam and you can take it at no cost.

LearnSmart Instant Download

LearnSmart's Practice Exam software simulates the actual Certified Ethical Hacker test experience with 299 questions for $99.00. The price includes automatic updates, 2-exams and 3-years of access.

The exams cover both EC-Council CEH-50 and non-EC-Council ECO-350 curriculums. You get instant test results and feedback so you know what areas to concentrate on for the next practice test. Customize the exam for studying or for the real testing environment.

The software graphs the results for easy tracking of progress made or the points needing attention. You can try the free DEMO before buying.

The practice exams reflect your readiness for the EC-Council CEH-50 exam. As study guides and indicators, practice tests help optimize your chances to score high on the certification exam.

For more information regarding what it takes to become a CEH along with course schedules and times click here!

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