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Advance Your Career with the PMP Certification

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 10, 2015 10:04:14 AM / by Ariana Ciancio

Are you an experienced project manager in the Washington D.C. area looking to stand out to current and prospective employers? Do you want your credentials to shine and take the spotlight? If so, the Project Management Professional Certification through PMI (Project Management Institute) is exactly what you have been searching for. The PMP certification is globally recognized in the industry and demonstrates that you have received the proper education and experience to lead and direct projects successfully. Employers can't help but be impressed by your achievements and obvious drive to succeed!

Maximize your income potential with PMP credentials! Studies indicate that PMP certification has a positive impact on the salaries of project managers. Professionals with this certification under their belt typically average a much higher income than those without it. Location also plays a large role in the amount of salary received. Washington D.C. has one of the highest median salaries in the United States for individuals with PMP certification. Job satisfaction in Washington D.C. is also reported at a high rate. Love your job and earn the salary you deserve!

PMP Certification Requirements

Applicants for PMP certification must have either a secondary degree with five or more years of project management experience or a four-year degree with at least three years of experience. Those with a secondary degree must have completed 7,500 hours leading and directing, while those with a four-year degree should have acquired at least 4,500 hours. Regardless of what type of degree is held, applicants must also have completed 35 hours of project management education.

Top Four Jobs for PMP Certifications

The following four careers have been listed in the most popular jobs for those in the industry with PMP certification. You will find that Washington D.C. average salaries (subject to change) for these positions far exceed the U.S. average in every case.

Information Technology Project Manager:
U.S. average salary: $84,888
Washington D.C. average salary: $98,766

IT project managers lead and direct a technical team in the design and development of a project. In addition to assisting their team in the creation of test plans and coordinating development and production releases, IT product managers must also ensure the software and all other aspects of the project are of quality assurance standards.

Program Project Manager:
U.S. average salary: $79,904
Washington D.C. average salary: $87,658

This title is held in various industries by higher-level staff. Typically, program project managers are employed in the information technology industry or the financial sector, though they may be found in a variety of fields. Most often, this title is associated with a project that has been appointed a specific time limit. Program project managers usually preside over projects on a regular basis, however, so when one project has come to a close, they are typically assigned to another.

Program project managers oversee teams assigned to a project and ensure that each member is on schedule and doing their part. These managers must also devise project budgets and ensure the proper resources are available for completion of the project.

Senior IT Project Manager:
U.S. average salary: $106,092
Washington D.C. average salary: $123,003

Senior IT project managers typically work with a large number of technologies and must be prepared to quickly adapt to a constantly changing technological environment. Tasks generally performed by a senior IT product manager include measuring project performance, recording customer requirements, and developing detailed project plans. This position requires individuals who are extremely organized, responsible and able to work with a variety of people.

IT Program Manager:
U.S. average salary: $109,662
Washington D.C. average salary: $125,132

IT program managers may assist in the design and development of a project and create and maintain plans, policies and procedures for all phases of a project. These managers work closely with testers and developers and assign various responsibilities and duties to personnel.

TrainACE helps skilled project managers like yourself take the necessary steps to shine above the rest. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you attain your PMP certification. Take the leap you need to succeed!


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