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A Video on What the CEH Certification Training with TrainACE will do for Your Career – Jobs, Salary, Facts and Figures

[fa icon="calendar"] May 30, 2013 9:43:12 AM / by Ryan Corey

Most people who are looking in to taking the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification training with us want to know a few key points. The CEH certification is arguably the leading baseline penetration testing certification on the market. Our CEH training class prepares people for a career in the field by offering more hands-on training than any other competitor’s class out there. The class also has a pass rate on the certification exam OVER 99% (yes that’s correct, in the last year, about 550 people took the CEH with us and only 5 failed the exam).  As you probably know, we offer classroom based training as well as online options, both are extremely effective.

However, besides the fact that we offer a great class with an exceptional test preparation model, people are looking for what the CEH certification and the training class with us (TrainACE) will do for their career in Cyber Security or penetration testing. The two most common questions we are asked include;

1)      What jobs will the CEH certification make me eligible for?

2)      What are the average salaries for people with the CEH certification in my local region?

 A Video for People with the Question, “What will CEH Certification Training do for My Career?”
We have created a video that provides answers to these core questions. Anyone looking to potentially take a Certified Ethical Hacker training class should watch this video. Prepare yourself with the knowledge of what to expect the impact on your career to be. Plus, once you have watched the video, you can use what you find (job titles etc.) to further your search or investigation into the field of penetration testing. Use the job titles and salary information to narrow your searches on job sites like and  Search using the parameters we provide in the video and read what the job descriptions require and the daily tasks state. Prepare yourself beyond information from us, doing this will give you an even more clear picture in to this fast growing, highly competitive, very fluid cyber security arena. Here is our "CEH Certification Training Jobs, Salaries and More Information" video:

A Recent Post with More Information on Common CEH Job Roles
In order to amply supply our future customers with information about what they are getting in to, we created a blog post that elaborates a bit more on actual job titles and roles that people play within cyber security organizations when they achieve their CEH certification and the skill sets that come along with it. Here is the more in-depth post on Common CEH Job Roles.

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Written by Ryan Corey

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