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What is Big Data and Why is It So Important?

Posted by The TrainACE Team on Sep 24, 2014 9:05:23 AM

Big data consists of immense pools of information that can be analyzed to unlock patterns---all for the purpose of making better decisions. This data is the basis for growth and competition for companies. On a macro scale, it can enhance and create value for the world economy. The direct result is that the quality of services and products will increase. Until recently, the immense volume of data flooding the world excited a select few. Now however, big data is now at an inflection point where it is economically relevant for government agencies, business and consumers to mine this data for insights. The reality of big data is very similar to former IT investment trends as well as innovation and its apparent impact on productivity. In short, those who supply big data are expected to have as much impact on productivity as those who supply other kinds of technology. Additionally, these companies must make sure their employees complete comprehensive big data training to prevent the mishandling of highly sensitive information.

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Hunting Cyber Threats with Big Data: Our Latest Webinar

Posted by Katrina Lowe on Feb 21, 2014 2:38:28 PM

Alarmed by the number of major data breaches occurring lately?

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